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Our Mission

We design, create, and deliver image guided, minimally invasive, high intensity focused ultrasound approaches to interventional oncology that minimize the side effects associated with achieving cancer control.

Our Vision

To design, create, and deliver image guided non- and minimally invasive therapeutic ultrasound technology that, by itself or in combination with other modalities, transforms the way physicians deliver and patients receive healthcare around the globe.

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Our Story

HIFU: The Beginning

Since the first stethoscope, physicians have been using sound to better understand what's happening inside the body. In the 1970s, scientists at Indiana University were combining ultrasound physics and medical engineering to precisely ablate targeted tissue. The result… was the birth of HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound. The first human HIFU trials were in patients with terminal brain cancer, which demonstrated encouraging improvement in patient symptoms.

Our History

After those early experiments, recognition of HIFU's exciting potential broadened. By the 1990s, a small team was established in conjunction with Indiana University School of Medicine, and in 1998 that team formed Focus Surgery, Inc. Complete with a HIFU laboratory, a handful of patents and a number of government grants, the team developed the capacity to manufacture the first Sonablate® system for prostate HIFU ablation and later the Sonatherm® for laparoscopic soft tissue ablation.

In 2004, USHIFU, LLC was established in Charlotte, NC to implement a clinical trial with an early version of the Sonablate® product. Four years later, USHIFU purchased Focus Surgery and a new subsidiary, International HIFU, was created to expand the use and sales of Sonablate® 500 globally.


After a rich history of technology development, clinical prowess, and commercial growth, in 2013 SonaCare Medical, LLC was established. This Company is a unification of all previously described organizations. As part of an investment, in May 2021 SonaCare Medical, LLC merged into a new company to be called Sonablate Corp., under which the business of SonaCare Medical, LLC will be conducted.  Sonablate Corp. has a new and focused strategic vision of applying HIFU technology to a range of medical indications that are clinically effective and have a direct impact on patient quality of life.

In 2015, Sonablate® became the first focused ultrasound device to be FDA cleared for the ablation of prostate tissue.

Present Day

Today - we are a global leader in HIFU therapies with over 25,000 patient procedures completed and regulatory clearance in more than 50 countries.  We are the industry leader in focal therapy with a multitude of publications documenting positive patient outcomes spanning more than a decade. The best is yet to come.

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