About Sonablate Corp.

What is now known as Sonablate Corp. started back in the 1990s when a small team, in conjunction with Indiana University School of Medicine, formed what was called Focus Surgery Inc. Complete with a HIFU laboratory, a handful of patents and a number of government grants, the team developed the capacity to manufacture the first Sonablate® device for prostate HIFU ablation. From then on, iterations of the Sonablate device were created, clinical trials were executed, and many patients were treated with HIFU worldwide.
In 2015, Sonablate became the first focused ultrasound device to be FDA cleared in the US for the ablation of prostate tissue. We are a global leader in HIFU therapies with over 30,000 patient procedures completed and regulatory clearance in more than 50 countries.  We are the industry leader in focal therapy with a multitude of publications documenting positive patient outcomes spanning more than a decade.

Our Vision

Transforming sound energy into focused healing

Our Purpose

To revolutionize the way physicians deliver healthcare to patients worldwide

Our Values

  • Know the ripple effect
  • Make something better today
  • Elevate others
  • Define the need
  • Communicate, clarify, confirm
  • Create successful customers
  • Own it
  • Experiment with new ideas and establish feasibility