Are you delaying building your focal therapy practice due to potential challenges or complications?

We understand.

Starting your own focal therapy practice is an exciting way to offer the latest prostate care to patients and expand your abilities.


For your focal therapy practice to be successful, you need a clear and detailed plan at the outset to keep things moving. 

That’s why we created this webinar series where you can get guidance from physicians like you, who understand the prostate care landscape and have seen success building their focal therapy practice. 

If you’re looking for a community of physicians who not only see the value of the technology for their patients but have seamlessly incorporated it into their practice…

Sonablate HIFU is the right place for you.

Types of Medical Practices that can consider starting a program:
  • Community-based practices
  • Hospital systems
  • Academic centers

Cornerstones of Building Your Focal Therapy Program

Build Your Program