Sonablate® HIFU

Mechanism of Action

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Learn About Sonablate HIFU
Real-time ultrasound-derived feedback
Non-invasive, bloodless ablation
Adjustable for each dose of HIFU energy
Repeatable procedure, if needed
Healthy tissue sparing
Minimal side effects

The Sonablate HIFU Device

The Sonablate HIFU device is comprised of three main components:
Sonablate Complete Unit
Our 3-Step Advanced Process
at specific tissue using ultrasound MR-fusion.
with pinpoint accuracy while sparing untargeted tissue.
using real-time imaging and advanced TCM Technology.

Sonablate HIFU's Built-In Safety Features

Tissue Change Monitoring (TCM)
Used to guide the energy delivery, TCM assesses energy delivery adequacy of each elemental HIFU lesion.
HIFU Power Adjustment
The total acoustic power (TAP) control provides the ability to make real-time power level adjustments specific to the needs of each prostate region under treatment.
Reflexivity Index Monitor (RIM)
Used to guide energy delivery, RIM monitors echogenic changes that may indicate increased near field heating.
Intra-treatment Ultrasound-guided Imaging
The ability to view tissue changes as the treatment is progressing within each zone of ablation. Allows the physician to watch for prostate swelling, movement, tissue reaction, etc.
Tissue Change Monitoring (TCM)
HIFU Power Adjustment
Reflexivity Index Monitor (RIM)
Intra-treatment Ultrasound-guided Imaging

Sonablate Fusion

A multi-vendor, integrated MRI / Ultrasound fusion system with enhanced features to allow for more accurate fusion.

Import data for focal treatment planning from multiple fusion partners:

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Fusion functionality provided by MIM Software

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